Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

First of all, let me introduce myself a bit more than I did in my profile:
As I wrote in my profile, I’m a young woman (I’m 24 going on 25) from Israel.
About 3 years ago, I started studying Biology in Tel Aviv’s University. After 2 semesters I decided that this is not what I wanted to do in my life and I started working as a software tester.
I got married about a year ago to a wonderful man. It was about then when I discovered both digital & paper scrapbooking.
Since then, I fell in love with scrapbooking and I’m creating (almost every week) various scrapbooking creations (from digital albums to scrapbooking greeting cards).
I’ve already completed a digital photo album of my wedding and I’m still working on the hand-made one.
That’s me in a nut shell.

I decided to create this blog in order to share my work (and my working process) with all the people that are interested (all of you…).
I’ll be uploading pictures of my creations and I’ll share with you how & why I made them and I’ll tell everything you’ll want to know about them.

Thank you for reading so far!

Please feel free to send me (by mail) any questions, remarks, criticism or whatever.

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