Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two in a row... Wow...

I didn't even know I was nominated... lol...
Well, Jennie gave me 2 (not one. two.) new awards. Thanks Jennie!
The first one is this one:

The rules for this one are:
You need to give this award to 5 people. Four of them have to be constant readers of your blog. One of them has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and he\she has to live in another part of the world. You must link back to whoever gave you this award (like I did).

And now for the other one:

The rules for this one are:
1. You can give it to any number of people you want - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their blog in your post.
2. Link back to this blog site so that Tammy can go & visit all these blogs.

Both of the award are a great way to say "thank you" to all of those that take time to leave you comments that bright up your day.

I love the awards, thanks again, Jennie!
This are the ones I chose (and belive me - it wasn't easy) for both of the awards:
Four old & known - Kate ;Minx ;Juanita ;Paper&Glue
One new - Laurel

Keep spreading the love!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I didn't forget - Ron & Ronit Got Married!!!

On July 24th, two of my close friends got married.
Yes, There was a card.
No, I didn't take a picture of it.
As I said before I didn't have any time... Bla, Bla, Bla. You know how this goes on.
The second I'll get the chance I'll take a picture of the card and show you.

Congratulations, Ron & Ronit! I'm sooooooo HAPPY for you guys!

Join me & wish them a long & happy marriage with lots & lots of itty bitty babies!!! (just kidding, Ronit - you're young, take your time... Ron, ... ummm.... never mind, Ronit - you're young... heehee!).

I Just Love Saturdays

Here in Israel, our day off is on Saturday. That's the only day during the week that I can get around doing whatever I want.

Well, today I searched the web for ideas and I found some that I absolutly love.

First there's this website:
This website has some great ideas and the demostrator is just amazing, with her explanations even I created some cute things.

The first thing I'll show you is this Blessing Mix Box (That's how it's called on the tutorial):

It's like a little bag but it's also a card - so great for any type of gift for anyone.

The second thing I want to show & tell you is a min-album I created (once again from the tutorial on the same site - it's called a "Brag Book").
My very good friend, Ronit, sent me an idea a few months back about doing an album about myself, so I'm taking on the challenge... Every week I'll try to post another part of this album (I hope that the fact that it's a mini album will help me, plus the fact that it's about, well, ME...).
So here's the cover of my "Me, Myself & I" mini-album:
By the way, the album's name is not final (you can see that it's not written anywhere on the cover). Feel free to suggest names!

Hey! Look what I got!

I know I wasn't around in the last two weeks. Believe me - It wasn't that I didn't want to write or create... I just didn't have any time to do it.
So now, after whinging for a bit, we're back in business!

At my SBS19 group we made a birthday cards swap. You saw the card I sent in the last post.
Well, here's what I got yesterday from Jennie (my first swap partner at SBS19):

On the left you can see the cute card that I got. On the right you can see the matching pin that Jennie made. I just LOVE it!

Thanks, Jennie!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can't stop. I'm on a roll.

Well it's midnight here, but I'm so glad I got another item off the list (and that I like it) - I had to post it...

So here we go, The next item off the list is my "SBS19 Birthday Card Swap".
This is my first greeting card swap so I've been waiting for it a long time.
Now, since we already agreed to show the cards we're making on our SBS19 group, I can post the card here as well.
This is the card I've created for Jennie (my swap partner):

This time I decided to try to do a card with no pattern paper on in (and it was hard).
Eventually, after adding the dots and little lines I was pretty happy with it (and I hope Jennie will be as well).
To the card I just had to add a little gift, since it's my first greeting card swap (did I mention it already? sorry, I'm excited!). So I used some cubes that I bought and didn't know why. I painted them white, wrapped them with pattern paper (I had to use some. I just had to.), And spelled Jennie's name on them.
Here's the result:

Jennie, I really hope you like it (and that you don't mind me posting it here...).
It will be on it's way to you tomorrow.
By the way, Remember the draw I had here some time ago?
"Shecould" (I know her name, I just don't know if she'll mind if I wrote it here) - You're prize will be on it's way to you tomorrow too. Sorry it took so long.

Have a great new week everyone!

Yay! Look at me!

Remember me telling you all about the tons of things I need to scrap this month?

Well, Yay! I'm getting there.

You already saw the card I made for my husband's birthday, now Iwant to show you what I made for my sister-in-law, Rina. She's my husband's twin sister. I think that she doesn’t even know I have a blog so no worries about her seeing her card and gift here.

On last Thursday I was at a mini album class. It was so much fun! We got together at my friend Diana's house and worked till the middle of the night (well, we need to go back home sometime, right?). So I decided I'm making the mini album as a gift for Rina' s birthday.
This is the results of my work that night:

And of course, a gift can't be given without a proper greeting card:

I made this card with matching colors (at least I tried to..) so I used a pattern paper that I love, a cute flower, and again GEMS !!!
By the way, maybe you've already guessed it but the words on the card says "Happy Birthday!" or "YOM HOOLEDET SAME-ACH!" in Hebrew...
Spend some time here - you'll eventually learn how to speak in Hebrew. lol..

July’s Events

Don’t know why but this year I have the busiest July I’ve ever had (as far as I can remember).
I celebrated my 25th birthday, I attended a stamping class and a “MiniAlbum” class, I have 3 birthday greeting cards to make for my husband, his twin sister and for the SBS swap and an additional wedding greeting card for Ronit’s & Ron’s wedding… That’s A LOT! Well, at least for me.
I still consider myself to be a beginner at scrapbooking so that amount of things to scrap scares me a bit, but I know I can do this.

So let’s start with the results:
First off is my dear husband’s birthday card. I still don’t have any idea what to get him for his birthday (ideas will be happily accepted - HELP!). So I decided to first do the card and then decide on the gift. I’m able to publish the card’s picture here because he rarely visits my blog. And if he does – Well, finally! Where have you been??? lol...

I made 2 swirly circles which said "Love You" in Hebrew and then I decided that it misses something... so I added another circle (a little smaller) and glued a pink flower on it.
I don't know if you've noticed but I love using gemstones on anything so I added some green ones on the flower and some deep pink ones on the ribbon and on the edges of the card. Just love them, they add some kind of *bling* to the card, don't you think?
Happy Birthday Honey, I Love You!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

I had no idea Maya (my friend from the last post) was going to give me a present for my birthday.
Now, her birthday July 8th, so I didn’t have to much time to prepare a gift for her birthday but I decided to do something for her so the greeting card was the first thing that was ready.

And now to the gift:
I assembled a few old CDs and some patterned paper. I punched holes (with my new “Bind-it-All”) through the CDs and gave her rings to actually bind the album.
I added some matching embellishment and there you have it: A mini-album kit.
Everything was placed in a cute box that I made from a heart shaped box of chocolate.

I really hope she’ll like it. I’m giving the whole thing to her this Thursday on the way to another class we’re going to together.

Better Late Than Never

I know I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures lately and that I promised to post some so here I go, starting with a “Thank You” post of some sort.
As you all probably know, I celebrated my 25th birthday last Wednesday.
On Thursday, My friend (Maya) and I went to a stamping class together and on the way there she gave me a lovely birthday present.

Her gift consisted of 7 beautiful 12in. by 12in. Patterned Papers, a bag of lots and lots of cute embellishments and of course a chocolate box (which is not included in the picture because it’s already half empty – it’s my favorite chocolate).
I know it’s a bit late but “Better Late than Never”, right?
Maya, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Eyelets, Brads and Snaps - Oh My...

I've been buying my scrapbooking supplies mostly from ebay in the past few month.
The last purchase I've made was a collection of 250+ eyelets, brads & snaps.
It took a while till I got the package but at least I got it...

So I bought a box (which is divided in to many compartments) and organized the whole lot in it.

And now you have it - my first "Eyelets, Brads & Snaps - Oh My" box... lol - I'm seriously thinking of labeling the box that way...

Yay for me!!!

Drum Roll, Please...

shecould - I'll send you an email in the next few days asking for your address in order for me to send out your new greeting card set.

I will post the greeting card set only after I'll send them to "shecould" (I'm sorry but I don't know your real name).

So, Congratulations!
And for the rest of you - Better luck next time!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The day has arrived!

My birthday and the contest came to an end.
Tomorrow I will announce the winner of IfatArt's draw.
As I said, all the subscribers (till yesterday) will be included in the draw and will be elligable for the 5 greeting cards set.
Look forward for the announcement!

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting any pictures lately, I just didn't have time to take them... But they're coming soon. I promise.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me? Really? Thank you so much!


My fellow sister gave me an award. Thanks Jo! what a great birthday present.
I never win anything, it's so nice of you to think I should get this award... I'm excited!

And now for the nominees. You're all on my "A" list.

Nic - Love, Love, Love your work!

Jennifer - That has a blog candies & cool challenges all the time.

And last but not least: Sam - I adore her ideas...

Have a great day you guys!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Early Birthday Surprise!

A few days ago I looked at my paypal account to see how much money did I spent on scrapbooking in the last year. Anyways, as I was browsing there I suddenly saw 2 payments that I didn't recognize...

[This is the time to explain that my husband and I share the same paypal account]

At first I panicked a bit. I started to think that maybe someone broke in to my paypal account and bought things with my money... (a little hebrew slang lesson: this scenario is called "NICHNASTI LE SERET").
As I was looking for more details about these payment, I noticed that they are for a cuttlebug machine and for a bind-it-all (!!!).
Then, my mind just went "click" - My dear, sweat husband bought me, for my birthday, 2 of the machines I wanted most.

Later that day, I told him that I know about the surprise and he laughed and told me all the things he went through to buy this presents..

He contacted my friend Ronit (she's a fellow scrapoholic) and she made a word document with a list of presents he can buy me sorted from the most expensive one to the cheapest. Then, he made a huge research on scrapbooking and now he know a whole lot of terms that I use... yay!!!

Isn't he the B - E - S - T ?!?!?!?

Every year till now, all my friends & family got the same answer when they asked me what do I want for my birthday. I always answered: "You don't have to buy me anything. Just call me to say 'Happy Birthday'...".

This year, I'm totally focused. I know exactly what I want for my birthday and anyone who asks gets a straight on answer.

I'll do a recap on the weekend and tell you about all the other gifts that I got this year.

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