Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Early Birthday Surprise!

A few days ago I looked at my paypal account to see how much money did I spent on scrapbooking in the last year. Anyways, as I was browsing there I suddenly saw 2 payments that I didn't recognize...

[This is the time to explain that my husband and I share the same paypal account]

At first I panicked a bit. I started to think that maybe someone broke in to my paypal account and bought things with my money... (a little hebrew slang lesson: this scenario is called "NICHNASTI LE SERET").
As I was looking for more details about these payment, I noticed that they are for a cuttlebug machine and for a bind-it-all (!!!).
Then, my mind just went "click" - My dear, sweat husband bought me, for my birthday, 2 of the machines I wanted most.

Later that day, I told him that I know about the surprise and he laughed and told me all the things he went through to buy this presents..

He contacted my friend Ronit (she's a fellow scrapoholic) and she made a word document with a list of presents he can buy me sorted from the most expensive one to the cheapest. Then, he made a huge research on scrapbooking and now he know a whole lot of terms that I use... yay!!!

Isn't he the B - E - S - T ?!?!?!?

Every year till now, all my friends & family got the same answer when they asked me what do I want for my birthday. I always answered: "You don't have to buy me anything. Just call me to say 'Happy Birthday'...".

This year, I'm totally focused. I know exactly what I want for my birthday and anyone who asks gets a straight on answer.

I'll do a recap on the weekend and tell you about all the other gifts that I got this year.


ronit said...

אין ספק שבעלך הוא רכישה רצינית בפני עצמה - כל הכבוד לו!!

תהני מהמתנות השוות והמון המון מזל טוב לקראת יום הולדתך הקרב ובא (בריצה היסטרית עוד ממש כשעה )


Juanita said...

Happy (early) birthday. What a great husband. That is so great of him to go to all that work for you. My DH just tells me to go get if for myself...

Jo said...

Hi Ifat,
happy birthday, what a wonderful surprise from your husband. there is a surprise on my blog for you! have a great day

Paper and Glue said...

Wow your hubby is the best for sure.

SBS19 Sister

Diane said...

Cool hubby!

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