Tuesday, March 29, 2011

V-stitch crochet hat

Hi all,
So this week I was ask by Noy (my cousin's dd) to crochet a hat for her.
She saw the crochet hat that I made for my dd and she loved it and wanted one of her own.
So, here she is modeling the hat for you all:

The hat has a pink flower with light green leaves. The flower and the leaves can come of. It's cool.
Ain't she beautiful? The hat is cute too :)

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

If It's Raining And You're Sick - Crochet a Hat

Well, it might not work with the melody of the children song but it happened...

I got a bit of a cold and couldn't do a lot without getting to tired to move so I did a few things around the house but mainly - I did crochet.

Now that Elton the sheep is finally done, I decided to do a much simpler & quicker crochet project.

This is the hat that I made today:

A closer look:

By the way (1) - I had no pattern for this hat. All from the top of my hat. It's a first and I'm quite happy with the result.
By the way (2) - All the pictures I posted in the last few days were taken with my brand new iPhone. I finally got one. I've been waiting for it for such a long time. Don't try to wonder why... I just did.

That's it for now,
Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Wooden Cubes

So, while reorganizing my working space I discovered a lot of things that I haven't used in a while.
The first thing that I decided to put into good use is these little wooden cubes that I had.

I thought it would be cute if I could have them spell out "IFATART". So I did :)


And now, I put them on top of my big new screen (thanks honey, I love you!) - I think it's cute..

Super bad lighting, I know. What can I do?

Thank you for visiting!

First Big Crochet Project


In late January I bought a crochet pattern of Elton the sheep from DeliciousCrochet on Etsy.

It took me "only" like a month and a half to finish this project but I did it!

Here's the result:

I hope you like it 'cause I do!
Now the only question is whether to let my 10 month old play with it or not. I started crocheting this doll for her but after putting all that effort in to it... And she'll just put it in her mouth?
We'll see...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Starting a digital line

Hi all,

After toying around with the thought in my head, I'm proud to say that I'm starting a digital line for designing wedding stationary, baby birth announcement, wall art and what not...

So everything I create goes straight for sale on my Etsy shop but I thought that I should share it here as well.

So here you go, a taste of IfatArt's digital line:

baby birth announcements

Wedding Stationary

Wall Art

That's it for now.
If you have any questions, requests or comments - feel free to contact me here (in the comments below) or by email: ifat.art {at} gmail.com

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