Thursday, March 10, 2011

If It's Raining And You're Sick - Crochet a Hat

Well, it might not work with the melody of the children song but it happened...

I got a bit of a cold and couldn't do a lot without getting to tired to move so I did a few things around the house but mainly - I did crochet.

Now that Elton the sheep is finally done, I decided to do a much simpler & quicker crochet project.

This is the hat that I made today:

A closer look:

By the way (1) - I had no pattern for this hat. All from the top of my hat. It's a first and I'm quite happy with the result.
By the way (2) - All the pictures I posted in the last few days were taken with my brand new iPhone. I finally got one. I've been waiting for it for such a long time. Don't try to wonder why... I just did.

That's it for now,
Thank you for visiting!

1 comment:

jennasaurus said...

Hi... I just found your blog on the Strut Your Stuff etsy team discussion page. I'm trying to visit as many of the blogs on the thread as I can :) Please visit and follow my blog, too! <3jenna(saurus)

{p.s. I am a preschool teacher and I'm pretty sure you can put almost ANY words you want with that tune. we change the words all the time :)}

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