Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Short Break

Hi everyone!
First of all - Happy Passover for those of you who celebrate it.
Secondly - I'm taking a short break (of a few weeks) from blogging due to a big trip we're planing to do in the US on June.
The trip's just taking up a lot of my time so I don't have enough time to put in the blog.

So, I'll keep you updated once the whole planning for the trip deal is over.

Thanks for understanding!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Card Wednesday #17

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I'll be posting a short post today, I'm not feeling too good right now.
Anyways, this is another Bella card that I made when I first got those stamps:
I love those stamps! I can't get enough of them.
Really - If you don't have them - get them!

The cute thing I did with this card is to decorate a couple of the rounded corners with tiny gems that I got for my birthday and forgot all about them:

I love how Bella has a shadow.. lol...

Thanks for joining me again! I'm sorry (again) for the short post this time.
Have a great day!

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