Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Card Wednesday #17

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I'll be posting a short post today, I'm not feeling too good right now.
Anyways, this is another Bella card that I made when I first got those stamps:
I love those stamps! I can't get enough of them.
Really - If you don't have them - get them!

The cute thing I did with this card is to decorate a couple of the rounded corners with tiny gems that I got for my birthday and forgot all about them:

I love how Bella has a shadow.. lol...

Thanks for joining me again! I'm sorry (again) for the short post this time.
Have a great day!


RONITIB said...

תרגישי טוב יפעתי !

הכרטיסי בלה האלה הורסים, החותמות כ"כ חמודות - זו היתה אחלה קנייה

Anonymous said...

Great card. hope you are feeling bettersoon
Jo from WA

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