Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can't stop. I'm on a roll.

Well it's midnight here, but I'm so glad I got another item off the list (and that I like it) - I had to post it...

So here we go, The next item off the list is my "SBS19 Birthday Card Swap".
This is my first greeting card swap so I've been waiting for it a long time.
Now, since we already agreed to show the cards we're making on our SBS19 group, I can post the card here as well.
This is the card I've created for Jennie (my swap partner):

This time I decided to try to do a card with no pattern paper on in (and it was hard).
Eventually, after adding the dots and little lines I was pretty happy with it (and I hope Jennie will be as well).
To the card I just had to add a little gift, since it's my first greeting card swap (did I mention it already? sorry, I'm excited!). So I used some cubes that I bought and didn't know why. I painted them white, wrapped them with pattern paper (I had to use some. I just had to.), And spelled Jennie's name on them.
Here's the result:

Jennie, I really hope you like it (and that you don't mind me posting it here...).
It will be on it's way to you tomorrow.
By the way, Remember the draw I had here some time ago?
"Shecould" (I know her name, I just don't know if she'll mind if I wrote it here) - You're prize will be on it's way to you tomorrow too. Sorry it took so long.

Have a great new week everyone!


Juanita said...

Wow, I have not started my card yet. I should get a start. Yours is fantastic.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Fabulous - that cake looks good enough to eat!

maya, Israel said...

מקסים!!!! מאוד מאוד אהבתי

Jennie said...

ooooh, I am so excited, now I must make one for you.
Thank you and I look forward to getting it

Jennifer said...

This card is gorgeous -well done.
Jen x

Jennie said...

IT has arrived and I am so thrilled with it, so many thanks and one on its way to you this week:)
Thanks once again, love the swapping
Jennie x

Kate T said...

love Kate xxxx
SBS19 Sister

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