Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Just Love Saturdays

Here in Israel, our day off is on Saturday. That's the only day during the week that I can get around doing whatever I want.

Well, today I searched the web for ideas and I found some that I absolutly love.

First there's this website:
This website has some great ideas and the demostrator is just amazing, with her explanations even I created some cute things.

The first thing I'll show you is this Blessing Mix Box (That's how it's called on the tutorial):

It's like a little bag but it's also a card - so great for any type of gift for anyone.

The second thing I want to show & tell you is a min-album I created (once again from the tutorial on the same site - it's called a "Brag Book").
My very good friend, Ronit, sent me an idea a few months back about doing an album about myself, so I'm taking on the challenge... Every week I'll try to post another part of this album (I hope that the fact that it's a mini album will help me, plus the fact that it's about, well, ME...).
So here's the cover of my "Me, Myself & I" mini-album:
By the way, the album's name is not final (you can see that it's not written anywhere on the cover). Feel free to suggest names!

1 comment:

ronit said...

איזה שבת פורה היתה לך
בעודי שוחה לי בבריכה ונחה במלון נראה לי כיף יותר ליצור, ואיזה דברים מקסימים יצרת שם!!

אני מציעה לקרוא לאלבום
אני, עצמי ואנוכי (מתרגמת לעברית זה תמיד נחמד)
ד"א תבקשי מינון לצלם אותך קצת יוצרת, זה יהיה נחמד לאלבום לא?

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