Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me? Really? Thank you so much!


My fellow sister gave me an award. Thanks Jo! what a great birthday present.
I never win anything, it's so nice of you to think I should get this award... I'm excited!

And now for the nominees. You're all on my "A" list.

Nic - Love, Love, Love your work!

Jennifer - That has a blog candies & cool challenges all the time.

And last but not least: Sam - I adore her ideas...

Have a great day you guys!


Juanita said...

Happy Birthday. I hope this day is full of fun for you and your wishes are filled.

Sue said...

Hi Ifat. Well done on your Award. Have just spent a while cruising through yuour Blog - great stuff - loved the story about your husband and the Paypal account!!!
Have put a post on my Blog about Blogs in Hebrew - HELP !!!!

ronit said...

מזל טוב !

בהחלט מגיע לך !!

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