Thursday, July 3, 2008

The day has arrived!

My birthday and the contest came to an end.
Tomorrow I will announce the winner of IfatArt's draw.
As I said, all the subscribers (till yesterday) will be included in the draw and will be elligable for the 5 greeting cards set.
Look forward for the announcement!

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting any pictures lately, I just didn't have time to take them... But they're coming soon. I promise.


ronit said...

אני פה מחכה בציפייה, לבדי בחושך הנורא לתוצאות והן לא מגיעותתתתתתתת
נו טוב.. אחכה בסובלנות ובסבלנות עד מחר
נתראה בערב

laly said...

מזל טוב - המון שמחה ואושר

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