Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another one?!?!

Well, in addition to my newly created Hebrew blog, I've create a links blog.
I usually keep all my links for future projects in my favorites folder but it's full to the top...
So I thought, why not create a blog that shares all the links that I find on the web with everyone and keep them all organized?
Well, why not?

I'll update the blog every few days that I'll have some new projects that I like.
Plus, I'll update every post that I use with the picture of what I've created out of the project.

So, have fun everyone!

1 comment:

ronitib said...

את זריזה :)
שלי עוד בהקמה - ואפרסם אותו בימים הקרובים
שיהיה במזל טוב!!!

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