Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Digital Effects Mini Album

I wanted to experiment with a few digital effects that I found over the web so I decided to make a mini album with some of the new effects that downloaded...
And there are no better photos to do that with than my friends Ron & Ronit's wedding photos.

So I made a mini album to show off my newly downloaded digital effects:
The first picture is the first page in the mini album.I've used a black&white effect here and printed it on a transparency paper. Then, I added some glitter to Ronit's dress and bracelet for that extra sparkle.

The second picture is a page in which I've use an effect called "the big picture".This effect divides the photo into small pieces and distort the pieces a bit.. Love this effect!
I couldn't resist adding a prima flower and a matching gem to the corner there...

The next picture is the puzzle effect:You can choose the amount of puzzle pieces you need and the digital effect creates the puzzle for you.
note to self: don't use a sheet of rice paper in the bind-it-all when it's not in between to pieces of cardstock...

The last (but not least) picture is the last page of the mini-album.

I used an effect called "cracked wall" ( you can see why it has that name).
I LOVE this photo!!!

These are just a few samples of the digital effects mini-album.
I hope you like it so far.

Thanks for looking!


tamari* said...

love it!
turned up realy cool!

RONITIB said...


יצא מטריף !!!

רוצה לראות עודדדדדדדדדדדד

תגידי .. מי הדוגמנים השווים שלך ????

p said...

fab mini. very creative - definitely not like a store bought.

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