Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Card Wednesday #5

For this week I have a cute card that I made with a Bella stamp (which you already know that I adore!!!).

I'll tell you how it started... My sweet friend, Ronit, had to make a card for a bachelorette party so I joined her in the process and we made some cards... well, she made a card and I made a card.. that's "some cards", right?

So, with that "wedding" theme in the air I made a cute card with one of the images from one of the wedding themed Bella stamps (I don't remember the name - sorry):
The letters were cut in Ronit's newly purchased Critcut. The thing is... I used white cardstock to cut those letters but when I looked at the card with white letters, something just wasn't right, d'you know what I mean? So, I colored them red with my Sharpies (gotta love those Sharpies).

I used some foam adhesive tape on this card to make the red "block" pop up a little bit more.

Since the stamped image was glued to the raised red "block", I didn't even had to use additional foam adhesive tape at the top of the stamped image:
The last picture just shows the coloring I've made with some water pencils. I love that soft look it gives:
Thanks for looking everyone!
I hope you had a great year and will have a wonderful new year!


ronitib said...

הוא יצא מטריף !!!

ממש ממש אהבתי, ד"א מצחיקה יכלת לחתוך פשוט אותיות עם קראדסטוק אדום חחחחח

Juanita said...

Love how you changed the colors of the words. simple solutions are usually the best.
I miss getting together with friends to 'make some cards'

tamari* said...

וואו מדליק בטירוף:)

Angie Tieman said...

Very pretty card! I love the colors, so different for a bridal card! I also love that wedding dress in your pictures, wow!! Just gorgeous!

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