Thursday, January 1, 2009

Handmade Page Thursday #5

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all partied your a** off last night at the begining of this brand new year.
Wow, 2009.. How would've thought? I thought there would be flying cars by now... what a shame...

Anyways, back to business.
With the celebration of the new year, I'd like to share with you 2 special pages that I've made with the same photo in my wedding album:
This is the first one. As you can see, it's a super simple hibrid page. The only thing I've done is turn the whole picture into Black&White and left my rose in vivid colors.
The ripped frame was achived by... What d'you know? actually ripping the frame... lol...
And that's it. That's the whole page. Why is it that simple? I'm glad you asked.

It has another page that goes along with it (the seconde page-to-show today):
The seconde page is actully a transparency paper with the same photo printed on it. I made sure that the photo on the transparency paprt wouldn't align perfectly according to the first page that you saw earlier. That way the image gets that "ghostly" look to it, don't you think? with all the doubling of th shodows and stuff? I have to say that the picture is a bit dark due to bad lighting that day so the page looks a bit gloomy but it's actually not that dark.. I'll try to post a better picture as soon as I'll manage to take one.

The last picture is just to show you the cool thing about using transparency paper:
When you turn the page you can still see the photo and it even has the texture of the page bafore it. Well, I love it.

Thank for looking and again - Have a great new year, everyone!


Juanita said...

That is so cool! You have such inovative ideas!
Keep safe and healthy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful & elegant layout! And I love your transparency technique.

ronitib said...

הדפים משגעים !!

Carolyn King said...

wow...such gorgeous detail. I just love all the wedding photos you have been sharing!

Happy New year!

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