Thursday, January 29, 2009

Handmade Page Thursday #8

Listen and Listen closely... I'm going to say it once. I've had enough of my own wedding picutres!!!
I can't look at them anymore. I know them all by heart and I've hade enough of the Layouts that I make for them..

So, Since I made a few more and haven't showed them to you yet, I decided to show you all the layouts of my wedding album at once and stop showing my own wedding pictures for a while.

Only 4 layouts, I know. But I decided to get it over with... And I bet that you started to get tired of them too... Even if you won't admit it...

So there. Now we're done. Starting from next week I'm going to show you a bunch of layouts of a different couple (Ronit & Ron - Say hi!) and when I'll run out of their wedding layouts... we'll see... Who knows??

Thanks for looking!
Have a great weekend!


RONITIB said...

הנה אמרתי חחחח
הדף של ינון "כמעט" מנשק לך את היד הוא אהוב עליי ביותר !!

Juanita said...

Well, I can't wait to see what you do with other peoples pictures, you do great things with your!
hey, maybe I will send you my pictures....

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