Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm back... + Random Card Wednesday #8

I'm back... Can't say I'm all better now because I don't want to wake up the beings that are responsible for my health lately.... but - I'm back.

I got an award earlier this week and now I'm back for the weekly tradition - the RCW! YAY!!!
This time I have a card that I made as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness - I recetly learned this term...) for a friend of mine from work that did me a few favors so I had to let her know I appreciate her.

As you've probably guessed (or not) I took the inspiration for the color combo from Kristina (she's turning out to be my blogging goddess.. hehe..).
I know. I know. These are not the exact colors I should have used but I don't have any SU! colors and these are the supplies that I have.. so... tough...

Anyways, I took some extra shots of the card from all sorts of angles since I love it and, well, since I had to give it away. So enjoy:

Well, I had to take one more picture of the card on my desk, right? Thanks for looking!
Have a great day!


tamari* said...

וואו מדליק!

ronitib said...

אני עם תמר חחחח

מתי את מוצאת את הזמן לעשות את כל זה????

Juanita said...

That is a wonderful card. I like that it is a circle. Mix it up a little!

Angie Tieman said...

Very cute card!! Love that circle design and the bling!

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