Friday, May 23, 2008

I made some cardboard shapes

Did you ever see those shapes or letters in the shops made out of chipboard and were dying to buy them?
Every time I see them I think of the fact that I need to cut down on my scrapbooking shopping. Another thing that comes to my mind is that I should try and make them myself.
Well I did. And you should try it to. Here’s how…

Tools & Supplies:
- Chipboard or cardboard big enough for the size of the shape you want to make.
- A tracing paper (not a must)
- Pencil
- A pair of scissors or a cutter of some sort
- Pattern paper
- Glue (it would be best if you use an acid & lignin free glue. choose the one you’re most comfortable working with)
- Nail file (or any other kind of smoothing tool)
- Ink pad or a simple marker in a complimentary color
- Embellishments (any kind you like)


1. Copy the desired shape on to a piece of chipboard or some other kind of cardboard. You can copy your shape to the cardboard with a tracing paper or by using a stamp. You can decide on a shape you want and simply draw it directly on to the cardboard.

2. Cut out the shape out with scissors or with any other kind of cutter.

3. Smooth out the edges with any kind of smoothing tool. You can even you a simple nail file.

4. Once your shape is ready, you can start wrapping it with your chosen patterned paper. Make sure that you leave margins that are wide enough to reach the back end of your shape (so that all the visible sides of the shape – including the sides – are completely wrapped. Otherwise it looks unprofessional…).

5. After your shape is wrapped, you can use ink or a simple marker to stress the edges of your shape. You can also embellish your shape with any kind of embellishment you might have (Brads, Gems, Stamps, Paper\Silk Flowers etc…).
6. You’re all done!!!You can use your touched up shape to any kind of project you like.

Step it up!
Create shapes like letters or different kinds of buckles to use in your scrapbook album or on a greeting card.Create simpler shapes (like a square, a circle, a flower shape etc.) for the front and back covers of your self-made mini album (or regular size album – depending on the amounts of cardboard you have).

E N J O Y !
If you need any further assistance, moral support or any thing else, you can reach me by mail. I'll be happy to help.

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