Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been tagged! Again!

This game is going around the blogging girls in Israel and it reached my blog through Diana.
Well, I'm supposed to tell 7 facts about myself and tag some other 7 blogs and let them know about it.

So, here we go - 7 facts about me:

1. It's been almost a decade since my hair was last seen in it original color.. It's starting to come out just now. I've been dyeing my hair in various colors since I was about 15 or 16...

2. I'm an animal trustee... which means in Israel that I made a pledge to help to stop all animal cruelty in all it's forms, to educate people about animals and to prevent any kind of violent acts against animals (I can go up to a person if he's hurting an animal and ask for his details and give him an actual & official report. I have that permission from Israel's police force).

3. I just recently started to cook on my own. It's quite a challenge for me but I'm slowly learning.. How long can I keep taking my mom's cooking to my place?

4. I work as a Software Quality Tester... and yes it's as boring as it sounds... and it has nothing to do with crafts or creativity. At least the people I work with are awesome!

5. I don't like girly shopping. I hate trying out clothes, shoes, accessories etc. When I'm going out for clothes shopping I try and shop it all in one store in half an hour. tops. For example, I had to buy a cute outfit for my Hena ceremony (a ceremony we have about a week before the wedding). So on the day of the ceremony I went out to a local store and bought the outfit and the shoes in the same store and in 15 minutes. I went in, looked at the outfits on sale, picked one, tried it on, found a pair of shoes, tried them on, looked in the mirror, changed my clothes back, paid and left. I didn't pause for a second. Fast as lightning - just how I love my shopping!

6. I have my own business for designing wedding album. I just started it so there's a lot of work to be done (set up a site, get the first customers etc.) - That's the reason I haven't been around lately...

7. I don't like to get tagged... at first. I'll explain - each time I'm getting tagged all I can think about is "not again. what else can I write that I haven't written already? why me?". But then when I start writing the post for the tag game I enjoy thinking about what to write, remembering things about me that I forgot (yes, it happens), picking people to tag... the whole thing. I had fun with this one.

The 7 girls I chose to tag are all from my SBS19 group:
1. Jennifer's blog
2. Jennie's blog
3. Wendy's blog
4. Sue's blog
5. Juanita's blog
6. Anabela's blog
7. Jo's blog

Wow. That was long.. I'm off to tell the girls they've been tagged.

Thanks for looking!


Jennie said...

Ifat, thank you for the tag :) aaaahh, now I will have to do it myself. Will think about it and add to my blog

RONITIB said...

נכנעת אה?
אני עוד שוקלת את המשך צעדיי בכל התיוגים האלה.
אבל יצא אחלה פוסט!!

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