Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OMG! Buttons!

Look at the unbelievable collection of buttons that my dear-sweet-mom gave me:

Isn’t she amazing? My recent crave is buttons and I told her about it. So she just went away and found some good old buttons for me.

And believe me - The amount of buttons you see in the pictures is just about half of what she gave me.
I love them - They look great & they save me money…lol…

I love my mom!


paperinkandrubber said...

How awesome. what a great Mum. I am sure you will have fun using them.

Minx said...

Yep Mum's are fab arn't they, lovely stash of buttons and fabby ickle storage too :O)

Carolyn King said...

That is an awesome collection of buttons--i love your mom too! lol!

Sam said...

Mum's always have a great stast hidden somewhere. I love buttons too.

RONITIB said...

איזה יופי !

אני רואה שעשית גם שימוש בצנצנות "איקאה" שזה בכלל מקסים איך הכפתורים נראים שם.

כל הכבוד לאמא

Juanita said...

congrats on the buttons. I just got a huge load of them from my (deceased) grandma. Such a treasure.

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