Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The next challenge


The second letter in the Hebrew alphabet is ב or "Bet". So we choose the word "בית" for this challenge. That means "home".

So I sat down and thought what does the word "Home" means to me and I immediately remembered my mom's cooking.
So now I'm thinking "I've gotta start making stuff to eat around the house... If we'll eat another pizza - the next time we'll do a blood test melted cheese will come out"...

First step is to make a recipes box, and here it is:

What do you think? Come to Table for Five and see my girls projects with this subject.

Thanks for looking!


ronitib said...

אני חושבת שהיא יצאה משגע אבל..
למה?למה? למה? לא חיכית לי

עכשיו אני ייאלץ לעשות את שלי לבדי.. גלמודה ובודדה, בחושך, ובגשם הנורא

Juanita said...

I love how you work a challenge!

Meium said...

That is totally cool, well done.

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