Sunday, December 11, 2011

Share a Card Sunday - Survival Kit

Happy Sunday!
It's almost the end of Sunday here is Israel but still Sunday so it counts...
I caught some kind of flu that goes around (my kid passed it on to me) but I still wanted to share with you the card that I made in the last week.
So, I'm sorry for this post being short, I just gotta go to sleep again (I feel awful).
I made a box filled with cards for various occasions around the year.
Just thought that it will be a great idea to give it to a man that keeps (like many of the men I know) forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and what not.
Have a look:

It turned out pretty cool...
Asked my hubby it (what does he think of the idea and if he would buy it) and he said that he would never dream of forgetting an event related to me so it's not necessary for him... haha... *pain in ribs* *pain everywhere*...
OK, before I'll have a complete shut down - I'm going to sleep.
Thanks for looking!
Come again soon,

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