Friday, March 6, 2009

Calendar Forever or Forever Calendar...?

Which one is it? Either way - I made a couple.

A while back, when I started my small business (and thought I should put my creations on sale), I made a couple of forever calendars.

Here's the first one:

I used the Bind-it-All 6 inch by 6 inch covers and the light blue O rings.
For the inside pages, I used glossy paper and I printed out the designed pages that I made for each month.

Here's the other calendar that I made:

Here I used the same inside pages and covers. I only changed a couple of things - the DP (that I used for altering the covers) and the O rings (this time I used the baby pink ones that I have).
Oh, yeah... and I rounded up the corners in this one (almost forgot about that...).

It was really easy to make them, once I printed out the inside pages. The Bind-it-All makes it so easy to create those little books (or in this case - little calendars).

Thanks for joining me today!


tamari* said...

יצא סוף,
השני הכי הכי הכי הכי הכי הכי אהוב עלי:))

RONITIB said...

התמונות עושות להם עוול, במציאות הם הרבה יותר יפים!

Juanita said...

These are great. You have such great vision, I would find it hard to put together a perpetual caledar.

Enfys said...

Just beautiful, what a great idea for a gift.

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