Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We've Got An Assignment!

So, over the weekend my good friend Keren asked Ronit & I if one of us could make her a gift card holder. She needed it for a good friend of hers.
Anyway, Ronit & I immediately decided to conduct a little contest in which we will both make gift card holders and Keren will choose the one she likes..

Needless to say, Ronit won. But that only because she lives practically next door to Keren and I don't. And her gift card holder was prettier... details. details.

I set down to make the gift card holder and decided to use Heather Bailey's template for a gift card box. Here's the box:

I also decided to make a video of me making the box, enjoy!

I hope you liked the box. Make sure that hop over to Ronit's blog to see what she made. The blog is in Hebrew but the pictures are universal... lol...

Thanks for visiting me today. Have a great day!


RONITIB said...

אה סליחה .. אני ניצחתי רק כי אני גרה קרוב יותר

הקופסא מטריפה!!! והציפורניים האדומות משהו משהו

Angie Tieman said...

Very pretty little box!

Juanita said...

Well I think yours is fabulous, How could Keren NOT ick your box. It seems like you are also having a great time making video tutorials.

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