Thursday, March 26, 2009

Would you like to take a survey?

I'm the only one that laughed? come on.. It's from the Animaniacs show.. don't you remember?
OK. So it's just me.

I posted a new survey in my sidebar. It's about the amount of money you spend on scrapbooking. I'm just trying to find out if the amount I'm spending is out of control or not. I think it's not, but my husband thinks it's over the top.
Just so you know, I spend about 60$ each month. That's my budget.

So, what's yours? Choose one of the options in the sidebar and let me know.

* By the way, the survey is totally anonymous (in case you were wondering) *


RONITIB said...

אם זה אנונימי אני לא רושמת חחח
סתם סתם ... עניתי

jen del muro ( said...

I am interested to see how this one turns out!!

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