Friday, June 6, 2008

At Last...

Hi Everyone!!!
After not writing for such a long time (I think it's about 2 weeks now), I finally got the cahnce to take some pictures and to write a bit...

So, a quick update:
I've been creating a "Thanks" greeting card during the last week.
It's for a good friend of mine who helped me during the last year.
This greeting card a booklet of some sort. I'll explain...
As you can see, the greetin card "spells" the word "Thanks".
I've created from patterned cardstock the letters. Every letter is made of a longer piece of cardstock which creates an effect of a letter "lying" on top of the following letter.
Every letter was embellished whit fabric flowers, gems and glitter stickers. In addition, Every letter contains "words of thanks" like: (Thanks...) "For Listening", "For the friendship", "For the smiles" etc.

Posted by Picasa
You can see the rest of the pictures of all the parts of the greeting card in the web album I uploaded, once again, at "Picasa".

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RONIT said...

יצא ממש יפה..
נראה לי זו הולכת להיות הסדנא הבאה שלנו אחרי המבחנים

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