Saturday, June 7, 2008

Guess what? Here comes another post...

I showed you the greeting card for my sister-in-law. That was the first item off my "To Scrap" list.
The second item I got off my list in the shopping list hanger I've been wanting to scrap for about a couple of monthes...
Every time my husband & I want to make a list of the shopping items we need, we use some scraps of paper that we find around the house and use an ugly commercial magnet to stick it on the fridge.
"NO MORE", I said. "I'm going to make a shopping list hanger".
So I did.

To make this hanger I used a piece of cardboard that I cut in the shape I wanted (exactly like the cardboard letters I made a few weeks ago).
After that, I glued a blue cardstock paper on to the cardboard and embellished it.
For the embllishments I used the doodlebug "hopscotch" limeade cardstock stickers (These are the letters) which I've dotted around with a green "Sharpie" pen. In addition, I used a few green gems and a foam butterfly.

I was amazed at how fast I did it! I can't belive I've put it off for so long. All I needed is about an hour (maybe less). My conclusion - Don't put things off :)

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