Saturday, June 7, 2008

Look out... Multi-Posts Day is HERE!

Wow. Since I haven't been writing for so long I've pilled up some creations.
First, you saw the "Thanks" greeting card from the last post.
Now, last week I was in a small creative meeting. I met with another 3 girls from the Israeli Arts Forum (you can use the link if you can read Hebrew).
Anyway, we got together to learn how to make a beautiful box from an instant coffee box.
We used pattern paper, ribbons and any other embellishments we could think about.
Here's the result of my renovated box:

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And if I'm already writing about it, I might as well take the chance to thank Ronit, Maya and Diana for a lovely time - I had a great time... Even if I ate a huge piece of Ronit's choclate cake - LOL!!!

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