Saturday, June 7, 2008


I don't know if you've noticed but I have a new "box" an my sidebar, called: My "To Scrap" List.
Well, this weekend I got to check 2 items off that list.
I made a greeting card for my sister-in-law (Happy Birthday Orit!!!).
Now let me tell you a bit about it.
A few weeks ago I saw a punching tool that makes round shapes with "waved" edges.
I wanted to buy it sooo much. Here comes the twist of the story. I realized I can't afford to buy that punching tool so I bought some "wavey" scissors and started cutting circles.
I think you will agree that the circle looks just fine even if it was made by hand and not with that expensive punching tool.
Anyway, so I made the "wavey" circle, printed a cute picture on it and I used double sided foam tape so that the circle would stick out.
I took a couple of ribbons (in one of my favorite combinations - lime green and pink) and tied it at about the middle of the card.
For the finishing touch I used my Hebrew alpabetic stickers to spell "Mazal Tov" which is "Congratulations" in Hebrew.
Now all I need to do is to write the actual greeting...

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ronit said...

הכרטיס יצא סוף !!

והרעיון ממש מגניב- הולכת לחפש לי את הגלים

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