Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another long forgotten "Table For Five" project

Remember "Table for Five"? The blog that me and my friends started a while back?

Well, we started the alphabet challenge and we're at the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, which is "ה" (or Hey). The word that we picked was "Hadarim" which means "citrus".

The purpose was to create anything that had something to do with citrus. It can be the colors, it can be the shape, it can be anything.

So, I decided to make a sweet sweet friend of mine a recipe book of citrus desserts. I collected about 20 recipes and wrote them down (by HAND!!!) on a circle shaped paper that I designed digitally and printed.

The covers of the recipe book were made to look as much as an orange so I cut out the slices of the "orange" and organized them in the middle of the circle shaped cover.

This is the card that I added to the gift:

As you can see, it also has that citrus feel to it... with the colors and all.
I didn't add any sentiment on the card because... first of all it's a "just because..." card (which means I don't really have a reason for giving it away.. The person is just a good friend of mine, that's it). Secondly, I don't have any sentiment stamp that fits the "occasion"... oh... the small detail...

Thanks for joining me today!


Juanita said...

Wow. This is great. You are so talented. It was also pretty cool of you to collect all those recepies for her, too.

RONITIB said...

כמו שכבר אמרתי זה יצא מטריף

האלבום תפוז סופני!!

Tracy Durcan said...

This is a really fantastic project!!

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