Sunday, February 22, 2009

I can't believe I didn't share this with you...

I went through my creations folder and I came across a mini (or short) digital album that I made out of our "before the wedding" picutres.

I checked and it seems that I didn't show you the album, and I just can't believe it.

Anyways, sorry about that, here's the album:

Well, that's the first part of the album. I quite like it.

I used a bunch of digital kits that I found over the web (the ones I used in this album is from the shabby princess). If you like digital scrapbooking that's the site to visit. I just love their style! and I already added them to my favorites in my sidebar.

These pictures were taken about a week before the wedding (which means almost two years ago... phew... I can't believe it's been two years already...). We had a lot of fun that day. The photographer was so funny. We both were so nervous about everything but he cracked us up so we had fun and the picutres show it.. I think...

Thank you for joining me again today!
Have a great week!


RONITIB said...

גם אני לא מאמינה שלא ראיתי את זה עד כההההה
זה מטריף !!!!!!!!!
איפה הצטלמתם?

Ifat Art said...

The pictures were taken here in Rosh Ha-Ayin.

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