Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cute stuff!

In addition to the card I showed you on the last post, I made few more items by instructions that I found over the web.
The first item is a "Forever Calendar". For those of you that doesn't know what is it - it's a calendar that contains only the months and dates without the year or the actual days of the week. In that way, you can write birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion in it and have it on your desk to remind you of those dates forever (hence the name...).

Look at the cute embellishments I used:
Plus... It's the first time I used my Bind-it-All!!! Yay me...
And I have a secret... shhhh... don't tell anyone, but those wires weren't black in the beginning... The wires were baby blue at first and I painted them black to match my calendar.

The second thing I created is a cute little bag (again according to this site - love this site!).
Look at that:
I used only light green & white on this bag. It turned out cute.

And now, for a new thing that I tried this weekend. I got some big (and when I say "big" - I mean "HUGE") clips for my birthday. So, I decided to make bookmarks out of them.
Look at how it turned out:
Thanks for looking!


Sam said...

That bookmark is simply stunning. Sam xx

ronit said...

הכל יצא משגע !!

Kate T said...

wow ! your work is stunning.
SBS 19 sister

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