Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Second SBS19 swap

This time we had to create a friendship card.
Once I read what the theme was, I immediately had an idea for the card in my mind.
I remembered that I had an image of a cute girl holding a flower, and I really think that it look like an image for a friendship or a thank you card. It’s so cute. I love it.
Anyway, as soon as the idea came up on our SBS19 group, I set down and made the card. I used some cream colored paper on top of a red paper and stamped the image on top of the cream paper and the red ribbon.
I got to trade the card with Jewel, which made me so happy because I love her cards.
I’ll show you all what she sent me as soon as I’ll get it.

Thanks for looking!


ronitib said...

איזה כרטיס מתוק !!

שווה להחליף איתך :)

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

This is a gorgeous friendship card!

Juanita said...

It is fantastic. I can't wait to see what she sends to you.

Anonymous said...

That is a very lovely card. well done

Sam said...

Lovely card, and I love the little girl.

Paper and Glue said...

I love this card!!! I received it woohooo. Thank you. Have you received mine yet? I am anxious to see if you like it he he.


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