Saturday, August 9, 2008

See-through card...

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great week so far.

This week I found a tutorial for a see-through card, so I decided to try it on...
Usually I don't do that. I like doing my own thing, but lately I decided to create some things out of patterns that I find over the web.

Well, Here's the result:

The front of the card is a transparency page that covers the inside of the card which is hand drawn (by me! lol).

I like the result. How about you?

Have a great rest of the day for now!


ronit said...

או.. איזה יופי..
תגידי את נחה מתישהו בסופשבוע ? ?
ינון רואה אותך?? יודע מי את ? ?

Jo said...

wow what a great card. I will have to give that a try
Jo :-)

Kate T said...

this is fab!!!! weldone.
SBS 19 sister

נתנאלה said...

בהצלחה בהגרלה! מגיע לך!

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