Monday, August 18, 2008

It’s been a while

This weekend wasn’t a very fruitful weekend. That’s why I haven’t been writing you guys.
I didn’t get the chance to create a lot but I did meet Ronit for a creation session on last Thursday.
On last Saturday, we celebrated Tu Be’Av here is Israel. It’s the Jewish Valentine’s day… So Ronit & I just had to create something for our husbands.
We went to IKEA and bought some glass jars (and some other stuff) and went to Ronit’s house to work…
We embellished the glass jars and made cards to go along with it, here’s what I made:

This is the lid of the jar that I embellished:
This is the card:
I put the card inside the jar and added some small wooden hearts to fill the box with.
While my husband took a nap, I placed the jar on his night stand (I hope that’s the right phrase) and when he woke up he saw it and… loved it.
Love you, honey!


goooooood girl said...

So good......

ronit said...

כמו שכבר אמרתי לך שיצרנו הכל
זה יצא משגע !! אנחנו בהחלט צריכות להיפגש יותר

maya, Israel said...

מקסים!!! וואו איזה כיף לבעל שלך.. איזה פינוק

Minx said...

oh no, not another one suffering from "no-time-to-craft" itus... it's going around you know lol

Love the ickle tins and the card x

tamari* said...

אוי איזה בלוג חמוד:)

והמכתב לבעלך פשוט מקסים:) אני אעתיק ואכין למתן אחד!

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